We offer lessons for:

  • Piano 
  • Voice
  • Woodwinds

Our goal is to inspire and encourage through music. 

To get the best experience, every student learns to:

  1. Read Music
  2. Progress in playing and reading ability
  3. Express themselves
  4. Develop their musical ear
  5. Perform and build confidence

We have recitals on the Carr Keys Facebook Page a couple of times a year to give students a fun goal and to be able to celebrate progress with each other.


We charge a flat rate per month that covers 46 lessons per year.

  • One 30-min. private lesson per week - $99/mo.
  • You can start at any month in the year, and withdraw at anytime.

There are no discounts or refunds for missed lessons. If you have to miss a lesson, I do my best to reschedule for the week based on my schedule, but I can't guarantee anything except the time and day you sign up with.

We are off for major holiday weeks.